Your chance to win multiple books!

Out of all the people who entered the Recalled, The Witch’s Curse, The Voice, Sky Song or Propheticus giveaway and did not win a thing , I’ll draw another winner.

And that winner will receive:

– An e-book copy of David James’ short-story The Witch’s Curse

– An e-book copy  of Sharon Sant’s Sky Song

– An e-book copy of Cambria Hebert’s Recalled

I’ll announce the winner on March 19th. You don’t need to do anything to enter this giveaway, except entering one (or more) of the giveaways on the blog (and not win 😆 . You will get one entry per person, even if you enter all the giveaways.)

2 thoughts on “Your chance to win multiple books!

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  2. Great Giveaway..Thanks

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