Torn ( Trylle Novel #2)

Between studying for my exams and reading I thought it would be a great idea to take a break and post about Torn. I finished reading it a few days ago but haven’t been able to post because of all the studying… Torn is the second novel in the Trylle series by Amanda Hocking.

The story continues with Wendy Everly, a seventeen-year-old girl who just discovered she is a Trole and the next one in line to ascend the throne. In this book she learns about her past and about her future. She learns her father is Oren, the King of the Vittra. And that he and her mother Elora were married years ago. And that a long time ago an arrangement was made: she is supposed to marry her friend Tove. And Elora is dying. With all this new knowledge, Wendy’s world has turned upside down. And that only gets worse when she discovers Finn knew most of this and hasn’t told her anything.

So her relationship with Finn is not what is was, and that also has to do with the fact they shouldn’t be together because Finn is ‘only’ a Tracker and she is a Princess (and Finn really is sticking to that even though he loves her). And in this novel, there’s a hint of a love triangle going on… A Vittra Markis named Loki. He is the one that helped Wendy escape when she was kidnaped and held in Ondarike (the Vittra land). And he is handsome. But luckily Finn isn’t out of the picture 🙂

Wendy is also developing her powers and learning a lot about the Trylle and Vittra worlds. I liked the book and I also really liked the ending, even though it is a cliffhanger. I won’t tell you: you’ll just have to read! I think the cover of the book is great as well, just like the first book.

The final novel in this series is re-released in the same cover style on April 24th this year and is titled Ascend. But it is already available in another cover. But I’m going to wait because I just love to have the whole series in the same style on my bookshelf 🙂 .  I can’t wait! You?

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