Tipsy is a stand alone novel in Cambria Hebert‘s Take it Off series. This is a New Adult series, not intended for young adult readers. Cambria sent me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


At the rate my day was going, I was going to shave off someone’s eyebrow and turn their hair green. ~ Julie

Tipsy is a story about Julie, a hairdresser. A few weeks ago Julie went out on a date with a really cute police officer named Blue. But when the date ended, he never called her, like he promised he would. Julie is trying to forget this guy, but then one day he walks into the salon she works at. She is pissed. How dare he? But soon enough her anger turns into something else. She decides to give this hot man another chance and agrees to go on another date with him.

I’d like to retract my previous statement that people could not get tipsy on other people. They totally could. ~ Julie

But things don’t turn out the way Julie planned. Blue stood her up, again. Julie’s friends decide she should go out, forget about him and move on to another man. But at that club, Julie lays eyes on him again. He is behaving very different from what Julie has seen of him, almost as if he is someone else. 


I was who I was, and trying to be anything else was a waste of time. ~ Blue

Blue is a police officer. He has been trying to solve a case about drugs for months. He’s been undercover, and now he’s happy to be able to be himself again. But that doesn’t last long. He is asked to go undercover again. But in the back of his mind, there is Julie. He want’s to spend time with her, but he can’t risk her getting involved in the case he is working on. But then Julie does get involved…

Tipsy is a great New Adult novel by Cambria Hebert. She kept me turning page after page, reading through the night and reading through classes. She even made me ignore some of my favourite tv shows, just so I could read more about Julie and Blue. And it think it is funny that Julie is a caffeine junkie like Cambria 😆 I really liked the lines where I could read what Julie was thinking. For me, that added an extra dimension to the story. I really liked the character of Julie, I think I could easily be friends with her in real life. And I’d sure like to meet Blue…


4 out of 5 stars






Other books in this series: Torch, Tease, Tempt, Text



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  1. thank you so much for the wonderful review. I appreciate the time you put into the post!

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