The Morganville Vampires

Sorry for keeping you waiting! I’ve just been so busy: school, horses, friends, you know 😛 But here is another post, this time about a series I’ve been reading for a few years now: The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine.

The series is about almost seventeen-year-old Claire Danvers. She is a very smart girl who gets to go to college at a younger age than other kids. That is why she goes to college in Morganville, and lives on the school campus. But soon enough the trouble starts: she is being bullied and it only gets worse… And the girls who do this to her get away with it. When Claire is pushed down the stairs, she is determined to leave the campus – it’s not safe for her there. She ends up by The Glass House, where Michael, Eve and Shane live. All very nice people, and they understand her situation and agree to let her stay in the house for a few days. That wasn’t an easy decision to make for them, because Claire is underaged so they could get into trouble if someone found out. But they become great friends an all goes well.

But as the days pass, Clair realizes Morganville is not a normal town. It is a town where vampires and humans live – in relative peace that is. Vampires run the town, and nobody get’s to leave. And if they do, their memory is earned. Michael, Eve and Shane know about this and tell Claire all the other freaky stuff about Morganville. But that is not the only thing Claire discovers: Michael is something to – a ghost. And Shane is really nice and hot…

With all the freaky stuff you’d think it is a weird story, but it definitely is not: it is a great story. It has humor, suspense, action, mystery, friendship and romance. It is worth reading more than once 🙂 definitely! At this point, there are eleven books in the series, and there are two more planned for this year. So stay tuned, I think there is going to be so much more to read from this amazing author. (she has read a few other series too, but I hope to read so much more 🙂 )

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