The Key

keyThe key is a Young Adult story by Jennifer Anne Davis, the author of The Voice and The Power to See. The key is the first book in the True Reign series. I received a copy of the book from the author.

The story follows seventeen year old Rema, who has been living with her aunt and uncle on a horse farm as long as she can remember. They have always been very protective of her, restricting her from visiting other places or even the local market. Her only friend is Bren, the eighteen year old  neighbour. Rema loves horses and wins all races on horseback she enters. She dreams of traveling the other regions of the kingdom, but that isn’t possible: the king has forbidden it.

He was close. However she knew the land better than these soldiers did. And the word surrender wasn’t in her vocabulary. She nudged Snow onward.

One day Rema discovers she is to marry Bren. She really doesn’t want to marry her best friend, but she has no choice in the matter: they’ve already finalized the marriage contract. When she runs into the forest after hearing this news , her way of clearing her mind, she meets Prince Darmik, commander of the king’s army. He is isn’t what she expected and she finds herself thinking about him long after this encounter. 

Prince Darmik has always been told his purpose in life is to protect his father, the king, and his brother Lennek, the crown prince, at all costs. But he has always doubted the way his father and his brother want to rule the kingdom. He sees the people are suffering, that things need to be done differently. After he meets Rema he can’t seem to stop thinking about her. But his brother Lennek has noticed his interest in her. And Lennek always gets what he wants. That is when it all begins…

Even though Prince Lennek looked very much like Darmik, that was where the similarities ended. These two brothers were as different as a vicious mountain lion and a horse. Rema sunk to the cold, stone floor, crying.

Rema’s world is turned upside down when a messenger comes by the horse farm with a summon for her. She is to accompany Prince Lennek to a dinner party. Rema’s aunt tells Rema to flee and gives her a necklace, tells her it is a family heirloom. Rema flees into the forest, hoping to shake the soldiers off. But then they find her and she is blackmailed into coming with them. She has no other choice than to go.
She soon finds out Lennek’s intentions: she is to marry him. And Lennek doesn’t take no for an answer and will even kill to get what he wants. Rema has no other way than to obey.

The room spun before Darmik.He left before his face could reveal anything. Did he hear correctly? A member of the previous royal line had survived? 

Darmik realizes the people in the kingdom are starting to stand up against the king. Rumours are being spread that The Key has arrived and soon the throne will be restored to its rightful owner. But no one knows what is to be expected. Darmik is determined to find out and stop this riot. He is to kill the threat and restore the peace. But then he finds out the one who holds The Key is being held in the royal castle. And nothing is the way it seems…

The key is a wonderful story full of knights in shining armour – well, soldiers , technically -romance, suspense and action. It will sweep you off your feet and drag you into a world full of wonder, where nothing is quite what is seems.
With this new series Jennifer Anne Davis has made herself known to the world as an awesome author who can really bring a story to life. And how did she come up with the characters names? They are so different, I like it 🙂
Even though this story is written in the thirth person, not something I always like, I loved it. And I can’t wait for the next installment in this series, coming February 14th.


5 out of 5 stars


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  1. Antonia

    Very well written review. Thank you!

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