The Iron Quill

As promised, and better late than never, a post about the thirth book in The Pace series by Shelena Shorts. Unfortunately, it is the second last book in this series: after this one, there is only one left: Hour of Dreams. O, and I want to thank you Shelena (when you’re reading this), for the great comments on my book 🙂 they made me so happy! Here is a link to the other two post on my blog about the Pace series, in case you don’t remember what it was all about: The Pace , The broken Lake.

The Iron Quill continues with Sophie visiting Chase in the hospital after Wes had to go away in The Broken Lake.  The forty-eight hour deadline Wes gave Sophie is over, but Dr. Lyon convinces her to give it a few more hours so he can try to get Wes back. But Sophie, stubborn as she is, tries to help and goes to visit Tim Walters in jail. He is the connection between Chase and Andy. And Chase sent Sophie a letter before he died in the hospital: a confession. In the letter he explains to Sophie Tim blames Wes for his grandfathers (Andy) death and he wants Sophie to bring this letter to the police so they can stop Tim.

The really cool thing in this book is you also read from Dr. Carters point of view. He is a doctor at the military base they took Wes to. He thinks Wes is there because he want’s to be, but soon discovers that is not the case. And with that he tries to help Wes get out of there. How all of that works out, you’ll have to read in the book 😛 But I can tell you a few other things that happen in the book: Sophie and Wes tell Sophie’s mum the truth about their past and Sophie and Wes get married.  And Dr. OliverThomas seems to have reincarnated to. O, and Sophie gets stabbed by a HIV infected needle. Are you getting curious yet? That go read the book 🙂

I think this book may even be the best in the series so far because it has even more mystery and suspense than the other two. But on the other hand, I thought it sucked because in a big part of the book Wes and Sophie were not together… But I’m looking forward to Hour of Dreams, and to all the other Shelena Shorts book still to come!

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