The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg

The Catastrophic History of You and Me is a Young Adult novel by Jess Rothenberg. It has fantasy, suspense, humor and romance. If you’d ask me, Jess Rothenberg wrote a great debut novel.

The story is about fifteen-year-old-girl 
named Brie. She is living her life 
with her three best friends, boyfriend, 
parents, little brother and dog. One 
night when she is out  on a date with her 
boyfriend Jacob she dies. The last words 
someone ever said to her were I don't love
you. And the person who said it to her 
was Jacob. Brie literally died of a broken 
heart. Really, her heart broke in two. 
Leaving her friends and family behind she 
starts a 'new' life. A life after life. 
She finds herself at the dinner she loved
going to when she was alive. There're 
people there, all dead but living. One 
of them is lost-soul Patrick. He helps 
her find out how the whole new life after
death thing works, what she can and cannot
do. With his help, she had to live through
five stages of grief before she can really 
live her new life. It isn't an easy thing 
to do, and she is starting to like Patrick
ore every day. They even seem to know each
other from their real 'living' life. 
So what is up with them? Will they move on? 
Will everyone they left behind move on? Or 
will they die from losing Brie? 

The cover of this novel looks great, I have to tell you that. And the story had so many twists and turns: great. But for me, it was lacking romance. I was like ‘o, they’re going to be together’ when I was just a few chapters in the story. But nothing really happened. Untill the last chapter. For me, that could have been sooner. It just dragged and dragged on, while I knew they would get together eventually. But the rest, it was great. If I’d live 0.25 stars, it would be a 3.75. But because I only have 3.5 and 4 stars to rate, I give this one 4 🙂




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