The betrayal of Natelie Hargrove

The betrayal of Natelie Hargrove is a novel by Lauren Kate, the author known from the famous Fallen books. And I can tell you, she is a very nice person as well. I had the honour to meet her last year in Amsterdam. I still can’t thank the people from the dutch Chicklit website enough: they picked me as one of the winners of the contest. With that, I got two tickets for the Lauren Kate meet&greet in Amsterdam. It was a really nice day. We went on a cruise on the canals in Amsterdam and talk to Lauren. She also signed all the books I had with me 🙂

It all seems to go as planned until she makes a fatal decision at the end of the annual Mardi Grass party. She and her boyfriend Mike take the drunk J.B. (another kind of popular boy from te high-school) with them on a little drive. The intention is to bring him home, but then Natelie decides it has been a long time since they pulled a prank. They leave J.B. outside a church, intending to leave him there until he wakes so he can walk home in his Mardi Grass outfit. Natelie ties him loosely to a cross and takes a bottle of what she assumes are his ‘pary pills’ from his pocket.

But the next day, J.B. is found dead where they left him. People assume he died because he missed a dose of his anti seizure pills, but it is kind of strange because he always had the pills with him.

Soon Natelie realises the pills she took were the anti-seizure pills and she has something to do with his death. But she pulls it together and convinces Mike to try to blame someone else. But the burden of this secret has an effect on their relationship, and that isn’t a positive one. What happens? You have to read the book to know 🙂

Meet&Greet in Amsterdam

Meet&Greet Lauren Kate in Amsterdam

I think it is a good story, but the end is a bit strange. You get the answers on the last few pages, and then something happens. I thought that there was at least one or two other chapters after that event, but there was only an epilogue. Strange… I had the idea I missed the final pages in the book, but there just weren’t any left. But apart from that it is a great story, and I personally think it is even better than the Fallen series. About the Fallen series, I loved those too untill Passion came out. I loved Fallen, liked Torment but did not like Passion. I hope Rapture will be better. We’ll see.If I’d had to rate this book, I’d give it three out of four stars, so I guess that leaves me with one thumb up.

Thanks again for reading, and I’d also like to thank and welcome the new followers 🙂 Thanks so much!

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