18332393Tease is the second stand alone novel in the Take it Off  (New Adult) series by Cambria Hebert. Cambria sent me an ARC in exchange for a review. 

The story is about Harlow, a college student who needs some money. She decides to try for a job as a stripper at the local strip club The Mad Hatter. Harlow is not the kind of girl who easily takes her clothes of, but she is desperate to find a job.

“Do you have experience?”  “Well, no. But I undress myself every day, and that seems to be the most important thing I need to know.” 

Harlow is nervous for her first performance, but eventually she gets the job. And then there is Cam, the hot bartender. As one thing leads to another, they end up together. But working as a stripper isn’t easy. There are people who want more than just see her. But that isn’t something that is ok in The Mad Hatter. …

Tease is a story that has  it all, but it missed something for me.  I can tell you I liked the first novel in this series, Torch, better. I felt there was a deeper story being told in Torch, and I missed that in Tease. But it is a nice story, and therefore I’ll give it 3 stars.


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