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Take it Off Series Tour (1)Today is the last day of the Take it Off blog tour, and it all ends with Cambria Hebert stopping by at GotToReadThoseBooks!


Thank you so much for having me here today!! This is one of my favorite blogs (but shhhhh, don’t tell it’s a secret!) If you don’t know me, no worries allow me to give you my STATS:


Name: Cambria Hebert
Occupation: Fairy Godmother --- Kidding! I’m an    author
Favorite color: Orange (like a pumpkin)
Favorite food: Coffee
Height: 5’2
Weight: Yeah right, I’m not telling you!
Pet Peeve: (I’ll choose only one today, lol)  When the food on my plate touches. 

Now that up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is valuable information!! Ha ha ha.

 Okay, fine, I will get to the point of this post. Today I have brought by a guest post that will serve as a public service!!! I know, I am just too sweet. Actually, it’s a what NOT to say post. To writers specifically. So the next time you catch yourself in a convo (on twitter, FB, in person, etc) you can remember this post and know exactly what not to say!


5 things you should never say to a writer

1. Who is your publisher?
Explanation: Does it really matter? If the book is good who cares? Good books can come from Indies, big publishers, small publishers


2. I wish I could work from home. That would be so easy.
Explanation: In reality working from presents its own challenges. I know that for me, I have a hard time sitting down and writing when the floor needs vacuumed, the dishes need done and the dogs are standing at the door to go outside (and then when they do they stand there and bark). Not to mention most of us have kids that always want something or never be quiet. And if the kids are in school you have to balance writing and marketing with volunteering at school, transporting them to and from, etc.


3. What’s your real job?
Explanation: Writing is a real job.


4. Will you write me into your book?
Explanation: If I did I would have to kill you. In the book! What were you thinking?


5. I don’t like to read.
Explanation: The minute those words come out of someone’s mouth I usually stop listening to you all together…. LA LA LA LA I can’t hear you!


So spill, have you ever said any of these things to a writer? What do you think would be something you should never say to a writer?

Thank you for having me here today!


The blog tour stop doesn’t end here! You can find a sneak peek of Tempt, the newest Take it Off novel, right here


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