Switched (#1 The Trylle series)

After I started reading this book a few days ago, I was unable to put it down. Yes, it really was that good! I finished it the day after I started reading, and wasn’t happy: I did not have the sequel at hand…

Switched is the first book in The Trylle series by Amanda Hocking. There are three books in the series: Switched, Torn and Ascend. I bought the book last week, when it was a recommended on an online store as ‘book of the month’. I love most YA paranormal romance books, so I definitely had to get this one. And that is what I did, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing a blog about it :P. Here is a little movie about the series! Love it!

The main character in the book is the almost eighteen-year-old Wendy Everly. She had always known she was different from other people. And her mother always told her Wendy was not her child, that Wendy had to be switched at birth. Her mother was really angry at her for that and even tried to kill Wendy on her sixth birthday. That did not succeed while Wendy’s brother, Matt, stopped her. Wendy’s mother had been in a psychiatric hospital ever since and Wendy and Matt have been living at their aunt’s.

Wendy know’s she is different. For example, she can influence people’s decisions. She doesn’t know how she does it, but she can. And one day when there turns up a new boy at her school, a really handsome twenty-year-old named Finn, her whole life changes. One night he even knocks on her bedroom window, wanting to talk to her about what she is. But Wendy refuses to believe she is what he sais she is: A Troll (or a Trylle as they call it). And that she has to come with him to Förening, the place where all the other Trylle live.

One day Wendy realises Finn is right, and when she wants to go to him she is attacked by Vittra (Trolles from another ‘pack’). But Finn saves her and takes her to Förening. Then Wendy learns Finn is a tracker: he finds the changelings (the children from Trylle who were switched with normal children at birth to have a full life untill they are ready to go back to the secluded area of Förening) and brings them back. When they arrive, she learns something far more important: she is the Princess, and the last one of Elora’s (her biological mother’s ) legacy. And the Vittra are willing to get her, because that would give them power over the Förening. Luckily for Wendy, Finn is there for her, to teach her things and get her ready for her role as a Princess. They become very close and fall in love, but that is not supposed to happen: Trylle aren’t supposed to be involved with trackers or normal humans…

Switched is an amazing read about paranormal romance at a new level: no Weres, Vampires or Angels. But there are Trolles. How cool is that! And the writing style of Amanda Hocking is so amazing: you just can’t put the book down. To be honest, I was a bit grumpy when I finished reading Switched because I the book was finished and I did not have the other two books in the series… This is a must read for all the people who love fantasy and romance, but want something else than the vamps and werewolves… And the angels…

To me it is no surprise there are already sold over a million copies of these books, because they really are well written and an exhilarating read! If I could, I would give this book a three thumbs up, just like I would on the The Pace series. Some books are so good, it isn’t normal anymore (just like the amazing and original characters in the books!). And, I have to admit: the cover is amazing as well!

There are more books by Amanda Hocking: the My blood approves series, The Hollows series and the book Virtue. And this year the first book of the Watersong series, Wake, is coming out! I’m certainly going to read it!

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