Summer Book Swap day 5



A blogger challenged me to a fun and interesting book swap event – read and write a review – with a few authors. The blogger who organized this fun event gave me Sharon’s book to read, and I’m so glad she did. What great and refreshing story! I really enjoyed it. I like to read reviews on my books that describe how the story makes the reader feel, so I’m going to describe my feelings about this book.

I was glued to the pages and finished it in one sitting. I loved and easily pictured Jacob’s character in my mind; however I found Ellen and Luca livelier and easier to connect with. Usually I judge a book and the author’s writing style by how many times my mind wonders off, while reading the story. If my attention is not fully kept, I can read a whole page not remembering a word I read, and if it happens often, I usually abandon the book. Not this one! The story line is fascinating, fast paced and full of unexpected surprises and unpredictable turns. My mind wondered on two pages only, but it happened because I had to recall what lead to that particular part in the story.

The mood changing eyes of Jacob was a great new idea, I really liked it. His struggle to find out who he was did not drag out and had the right amount of tension, it was easy to follow how his strength grew to learn and accept his destiny as Watcher. I really enjoyed Sharon’s writing style as well, some lines from the book stayed in my mind such as Ellen’s dream. “Ellen was transported, away from her bed. The cold blackness of space pressed in on all sides; she felt pulled through the stars at speed by some invisible, irresistible force. It was utterly terrifying, but at the same time strangely exhilarating.” The story led to the ending of this book masterfully and promised an interesting and exciting read in book 2 and 3 of the trilogy.


Erika was introduced to the art of healing with food and 
herbs, by her mother and grandmother, at a very early 
age. She advanced her knowledge of natural remedies; she 
received her PhD in Alternative Medicine. She's been 
working in the medical field, all her life. She loves to 
share her knowledge, she published a few books regarding 
healing herbs for various ailments. She is passionate 
about healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as using 
Nature's pharmacy to keep the body healthy. Erika loves 
the art of healing, however, it doesn't satisfy her 
thirst for storytelling. She writes historical fantasy 

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