Summer Book Swap Day 2



 I received The Voice by Jennifer Anne Davis as part of a Summer Book Swap hosted by GotToReadThoseBooks. The idea was to have two writers exchange novels, and review one another. As soon as The Voice was assigned to me, I checked the synopsis, and immediately liked it, found the premise both original and intriguing and looked forward to reading it.

Audrey, the seventeen year old heroine, survives a brutal abduction and weeks of abuse by following the instructions of a mysterious voice inside her head.

While captive, she developed a strong bond with the voice and, though it might be the result of her losing her mind, it became her only friend, the one thing that kept her alive, and gave her the strength and the means to escape her captor.

After she’s freed, and in order to leave behind the memory of those weeks of captivity and abuse, she assumes a new identity and moves to San Diego to live with her aunt. There, she meets Justin and Caleb, two twin brothers who live next door. Soon, she feels a strange attraction to Justin, and the voice returns – this time to help her heal, recover the ability to love, and most importantly, to reveal its true nature.

As a reader, I enjoyed reading The Voice very much. My initial interest in the synopsis found a constant echo in the pages. As a writer, I was impressed by Jennifer Anne Davis audacity. This is a tough story. It involves rape, abuse and incest from the get go – themes that are massively difficult to tackle in a Young Adult story.

I found that Davis handled those themes elegantly by focusing on Audrey inner struggle. Violence was used only to reveal her strength. And soon enough, the romance with Justin and her path to recovery took over the pages and gave a positively uplifting feel to the novel.

This is the reason why I would highly recommend this title to young readers. The Voice doesn’t promote angst or fear. It doesn’t use violence and abuse as gimmicks. It’s a tough journey that shows that you can start in the darkest place, and finally find love and redemption.

When I reached the last pages, what had potentially started as a very gloomy story had become an inspiring experience, a tale of love, courage and healing, with a supernatural twist that worked beautifully.



Born in Paris to an international family (1 part French, 2 
parts Spanish, 1 part Strange), Gary Ghislain grew up between 
Paris and the French Riviera. After obtaining a master's 
degree in literature and linguistics, he packed his passport, 
a few reasonably clean T-shirts and his beloved Converse 
shoes, and headed out to travel the world, work odd jobs and 
write young adult novels. He now lives in Antibes on the 
French Riviera, enjoying the sun and the sea while working on 
his novels. Novels: How I stole Johnny Depp's alien 
girlfriend, Twilight of the true blood vampire diaries.
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