Summer Book Swap Day 1



Read in a day!

I have to say that when I was asked to participate in an author swap book review, I was excited about meeting a new author and reading a book recommended by one of my absolute favorite readers. What I wasn’t expecting was to read the book in one day.
I’ve just finished and I’m not exactly sure where to begin. I don’t consider reviewing books a strength of mine, so I’ll just share my thoughts and hope it’s worth your while.
I’ll start by saying I liked everything about Vampire’s Rule. There are personal qualities I look for in a book and I know all readers have their own which may not coincide with mine, but I feel sure that anyone who reads this book will like it- even if they don’t love the same things I do.


Part 1: As a reader

I loved the connection between Jack and Silver. I felt their chemistry from the very beginning and rooted for them the whole way. Second, I love it when a book has some sort of interesting take on something I haven’t seen before. In this novel,  I found the concept of Jack’s transformation to vampire to human and possibly back again very clever and intriguing.
Thirdly, I love being challenged by a mystery as I turn the pages ,and the hunt for who was the original werewolf kept me turning pages all day long. Finding out who it is, is vital to the story, and just when you think you know who it is, you doubt yourself and have to keep reading to be sure.
Lastly, this book has suspense, and a lot of it. I’m talking about the kind that has you curling up a little tighter and saying, “Oh no and aahh,” out loud. Put all of these together and you end up with a fantastic read that I’d recommend to anyone.


Part 2: As a writer

I have gained so much respect forother authors which is why I’m just thrilled to participate in something like this. It’s hard to come up with a story and share your work and hope people like it. Knowing that sheds so much more appreciation for the author as I read. And if it’s a great story I think, Wow, good for her/him, because there is a sense of camaraderie where I root for someone else just because they deserve the praise for their creation.
 What I noticed the most about K.C Blake is that she does a great job with character development. Without giving too much away, there is a vital character that Jack and Silver disagree on. One likes this person and one wants this person dead. I found it fascinating that it was virtually impossible for me to take a side. I too liked this person, for some reason ,and yet I also really disliked this person.  As a writer I couldn’t help but recognize the ability to bring characters to life, enough to evoke such mixed emotions, as a reflection of K.C Blake’s talent as a writer. Which is just to name one talent. To find out the others, I highly recommend you read her book Vampire’s Rule. You’ll find yourself a great new author. I know I did, so thank you, Rebecca, for inviting me to participate in this!  It was awesome !



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