Significance by Shelly Crane

Significance is the first novel in the Significance series by Shelly Crane. It is a YA paranormal romance novel. I read the 317 pages in one day, it really kept me glued to the pages.

The story is about seventeen-year-old Maggie who 
is graduating from high school. At graduation no 
one was there to cheer for her. Her mum left her 
and her dad, and since then her dad hasn't been 
himself. He stopped working and caring, leaving 
Maggie to fend for herself as if he wasn't 
there. Her boyfriend broke up with her a little
after her mum left, leaving her even more on 

Maggie knows her friend-for-many-years, Kyle 
Jacobson, want's more than just be friends, but 
Maggie doesn't feel that way. Tired of turning 
him down, she agrees to go out with him once. On 
the day of the date, Maggie goes to work and on 
her way she saves a guy from being run over by a 
truck at a stoplight.

 "I'm so glad you were here. I can't believe I 
did that. And I'm sorry you got hurt. I must have hit you with my book-bag when we
went down. That's a pretty good grip you got there," he said and smiled and I had one 
of those moments where you stare and can't look away.

When she touches him, something weird happens. From that moment on, she can't be 
without the guy she touched. His name is Caleb, and soon she finds out he is family of 
Kyle, who goes berserk when he finds out what happened, feeling betrayed by his own 
family for stealing his one true love from him. Caleb takes Maggie to his uncle's 
house to explain her what is going on. The Jacobson call themselves Aces. They are 
virtuoso or Charmed and have abilities once they ascend, which happens a certain time 
after they imprint with their soul mate. Well, to make a long story short, Maggie and 
Caleb have imprinted, meaning they can not live without another. When they are apart, 
they are in pain. The strange thing is, that imprinting hasn't happened in many years 
and it usually does not happen to a human and does not happen before the age of 22. 
conclusion: its weird but special.

        "This isn't just because I saved him, is it? 
              Some miss-fired imprint false alarm or something?"

If there are good people, there also always are bad one's. A rival clan who has always 
had less power than the Jacobson clan, the clanwho wanted to be the one to have a new 
imprint before them. They want Caleb and Maggie apart so they won't ascend and 
therefore not get their powers. And they are willing to kill for it if necessary...

This is one of the few stories that  really had unexpected twists and turns for me. You know, if you’ve read many books, sometimes it feels as if they’re all sort of the same, and you can guess when a plot twist is coming. But in this book, I didn’t feel that way. I was surprised more than once. It has romance, suspense, action and all the other things you want in a great story. I hope to read all the other books in this series too. I want more Maggie & Caleb!

Memorable quotes

Don’t go filling her head or bloating up my ego. I’m basically a glorified  superintendent. – Caleb’s father

If this was Harry Potter, he’d definitely be in Slytherin. – Maggie about a man from the rival clan

Maggie: I thought with my new man arms I would be able to lift a duffel bag. 
Caleb: You’re stronger than you were but you’re still not Wonder Woman.



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