Second Chance by Elizabeth Wrenn

Second Chance (also known as Around the next Corner) is a great book for relaxation, but it has a deeper meaning: it is about guide dogs and doing something for someone else. I think we can expect a lot great books from this author, Elizabeth Wrenn, after such a promising debut.

The Amazon description of the book:

“Every woman needs a best friend…

And Deena Munger needs one more than most. Faced with an almost empty nest, a marriage that’s as stale as week-old bread, and hot flushes that are driving her mad, no wonder she feels running away. Despite her twenty extra pounds, Deena feels invisible and wonders when she started to disappear. And how come she never even noticed.

Until the day Heloise enters her life.

To the astonishment of her family, Deena volunteers to raise a Guide dog-and suddenly her world is turned upside down. Can this messy, boisterous, playful Labrador puppy show her the way out of the darkness? Seeing really is believing…”

And that is where it all starts, with a puppy named Heloise. Deena’s life changes, and that is not always easy. But she works it through and realizes what an animal can give you: a lot of love. But she also knows she has to give Heloise back after a year… and that is not going to be easy.

This book made me think about the other great ‘book about dogs’ Marley&Me. I think if you liked that one, you’ll definitely love this book! It is an easy read, and a real recommendation for a relaxing reading afternoon.

A thumb up!


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