Saving Wishes

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Saving wishes is a young adult novel by G.J. Walker Smith. The novel follows the story of seventeen year old Charlotte, better known as Charli. She lives on a small island with her brother, life is boring: same old, same old every day. Charli dreams of traveling and she has been saving for it ever since she was little. Her friend Nicole is doing to accompany her on het travels, all the plans are made.


 Anyone who knew me would know that I had a nasty habit of leaving absolutely every aspect of my life to chance, and not always to my advantage.”


They’re just living their life, nothing is really happening in the small town of Pipers Cove. Charli’s life changes when one day she is almost run over by a boy in a sleek black Audi. The boy in the car is Adam, an American boy with French roots. He turns Charli’s life arround.


 “I don’t aspire to rule the world. I just want to rule my world.”

  There’s far more to this story than just this. Manny things happen, but nothing I can tell you without ruining your reading experience. This is a great YA novel about a girl who feels like she doesn’t belong, and a boy who changes her life forever. The author really brought the characters to life. They’re easy to relate to, easy to understand. This book really gave me the ‘it could happen to your neighbours’ feeling I love when reading a book. And sure, the world needs more people like Adam. I sure wouldn’t mind him almost running me over in his awesome car 🙂 And that last quote I just gave you, sure is one I will put on my closet door.


 4 out of 5 stars.


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