One Perfect Summer

This time, a ChickLit on GotToReadThoseBooks. And it is not just ‘a ChickLit’, it is One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon. It certainly is one of the best, if not the best, ChickLit novels I’ve ever read. It is a story you’d read on holiday, but it also has more to it than just a love story. There are other things in it, and I think that is what makes this story so good.

The story is about a girl named Alice. The first part of the book is when she is eighteen years old an goes on a six-week holiday with her mother to Dorset. The day they arrive, they go to the local pub and there is Joe: a handsome boy she immediately falls for. Joe is the sun of the pub owners and he has to work in the pub and pay rent to live there. He is funny, sweet and loves his dog Dyson. (yes, he named it after the vacuum cleaner 😛 ) Soon he and Alice get together. But it isn’t easy. There are problems with Joe’s parents. And he has a brother who is in jail and used to beat Joe up. Then his brother gets out of jail, and beats Joe up. Then other things happen, but it results in Alice leaving Dorset to go back to Cambridge where she is going to study after the summer holidays. Joe doesn’t really say goodbye, but promises to find her when he can leave Dorset. He is going to London.

Months later Alice is still heartbroken and Joe hasn’t shown up. Years later she marries the good-looking and rich Lukas, and they plan their future together.  All goes well with Alice, but she is still struggling to get answers about Joe: she can’t move on and can’t forget him.
Then  her friend finds out Joe is a famous movie star now, and that he had changed his name. Alice still want’s answers and tries to contact him. But that is easier said than done: Joe is really famous, with tons of screaming female fans. What will happen? Will they be together again? This time I think I can tell you they do, because it is a ChickLit with a happy ending 🙂

I couldn’t put this book down, and not many ChickLits made me do that. I finished it in one read, and then started reading it again. It is a romance ChickLit, but there are serious topics. Joe is beaten up and has problems at home, and those things also make this story hard to put out of your head. It’s worth reading, whether it is on the beach or before you go to sleep. I can’t wait to read the other books by this author.

(I also put this post in YA Fiction, because most of the story is about the eighteen-year-old alice, so I think YA would love this book too)

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