New books on the shelve!


I got a new book today: Switched by Amanda Hocking. The cover is so cool, the butterflies have shimmering dots: the book just shines before our eyes! It has to be a very good book according to the cover (it has a circle on it with ‘the multimillion copy international bestseller’ and on the inside of the cover there is the line ‘start reading her now before everyone else does’. Cool! Can’t wait to start reading it, but unfortunately I do not have much time at the moment: tests are coming up in a few weeks. The only thing I’m reading right now are boring textbooks for school about media ethics and the history of journalism… But I hope to find some time to read Switched.

And, The Rift Walker (sequel to The Greyfriar) should be here next week! Yeay!

Again, thanks for taking the time to visit and read my blog! I’m so happy there are over 200 views already. Next up is 50 more views: 250!

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