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Me and my books were featured on, a Dutch Chicklit website. I tried to translate it, and author and editor Sharon Sant helped me a bit šŸ™‚ I tells a bit more about me and my reading addiction. You can read the original version (in Dutch!) here.



Rebecca is a 19-year-old student with her own blog about books. She loves to read all day long. Before she goes to sleep, she HAS to have read something, otherwise she won’t fall asleep. Curious which book is on this book junkieā€™s nightstand? Continue reading.

My reading hobby started a long time ago. My mother read a lot of books to me when I was little. I think I rolled into the reading world that way. When I have the time, I prefer to read all day long. Unfortunately I have little time to do that nowadays, with my study and work placement. My reading time is limited to the time I spend in the train traveling to school and the time before I go to sleep. If I haven’t read before I go to sleep, I won’t fall asleep. It’s become a habit.


My book collection consists of about 135 books. I used to have many more, but I sold a lot of them because my bookshelves were cramped. I used the money I got for selling those books to buy new ones. In January I went to a book festival ‘Boekenfestijn’ and


there I bought a new book stock šŸ™‚ My bookshelves are sorted by author and language. All English books are together and all Dutch books are together. But if I have a book from a series in Dutch, but the rest of that series in English, I’ll put that Dutch book in between the English books in the series. I don’t sort my books by colour or size like some people do. I personally don’t like the look of that. And besides, the authors would just get all mixed up.

Delete and add list

I used to have a list with all the books I owned on it. But because I sell some of the books, I stopped doing that. It would be a messy

delete and add list. I have a habit when itĀ“s about my bookshelves. IĀ“m not happy when someone else dusts or cleans it, or worse, adds other books to my shelves. Then my whole sorting system is gone.



I love reading books from the young adult, paranormal romance or new adult.

Books from authors like Sarah Dessen, Jamie McGuire, Paige Toon and Jojo Moyes

are worth reading too! The day Shelena Shortsā€™ books are in the Dutch bookstores, IĀ“ll be the first in line to get them. Unfortunately her books havenĀ“t been translated into Dutch yet, and the USA is just too far away to go just to buy them. Because I have a book blog I get books for free sometimes. Ā Shelena is very kind to send me hers, so I can still read them. IĀ“ve read all the books I own several times. Some books even so many times, I lost count. Before the Twilight hype commenced, I used to be a Twilight fan. That was when the first book in the series was only available in English. I think that series has the books IĀ“ve read the most times ever.


The last book I read was Cambria Heberts Recalled. A real good book! Currently Sky Song by Sharon Sant is on my nightstand, waiting to be read. ItĀ“s a digital copy, so actually itĀ“s my phone thatĀ“s on my nightstand.

The book I was most disappointed in was Carrie JonesĀ“s Need. I had high expectations that werenĀ“t fulfilled.

I donĀ“t own an ereader. I like the Ā“realĀ“ books. For me they add to the reading experience and I can live in the reading world more easily. Sometimes I read ebooks on my phone but thatĀ“s not very easy to do while the screen is so small. Maybe IĀ“ll buy an eReader some day. Even though, IĀ“ll always keep buying Ā“realĀ“books. As long as thereĀ“s collectors like me, I donĀ“t think the paper books will disappear.Ā 


Thanks for reading!Ā 

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  1. I enjoyed Need by Carrie Jones. No, it wasn’t the greatest book in the world and I usually hate present tense, but I enjoyed the relationship between Zara and Nick, and I loved the whole phobia thing. That was unique. Plus there were pixies.

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