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jadbioJennifer Anne Davis has had a busy year. She published her first three books     (The Voice, The Power to See, The Key) and is currently working on her 4th book. Jennifer graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in English and a teaching credential. Afterwards, she married her best friend and high school   sweetheart. Jennifer is currently a full-time writer and mother of three young   children. Her days are spent living in imaginary worlds and fueling her own kids' creativity.


Hi Jennifer!

Are you busy with the Christmas preparations or busy writing books?jad2
Both!!! I am putting the finishing touches on a book and trying to find time to do my Christmas shopping!!

And what are story are you currently writing?
I am wrapping up book 2 in The True Reign Series. I expect to start writing book 3 in January.

Will there be a sequel to The Voice?
As of now, there won’t be a sequel. For those of you who don’t know, I do have the first three chapters of THE VOICE told from Justin’s POV on my website ( under Extras.

The one thing you need while writing (except a computer/pen lol)
Music! I have to listen to music to fuel my emotions and to get me thinking. Once I’m in the zone, I don’t need music anymore. However, in order to get those creative juices flowing, I simply MUST have music!!!

 What are your plans for this Christmas?
Nothing exciting this year. I have three young children so we’ll be spending Christmas at home. I’m sad my sister and her family won’t be joining us this year. It’ll be quiet for sure! Since the kids have two weeks off, we plan on seeing the Hobbit!!!! I can’t wait!! And I plan on reading A LOT!!!!! I always get books for Christmas!!!!

 What are you having for dinner this Christmas?
I’m making a honey baked ham, pistachio green beans, mashed potatoes with chives, and apple pie for dessert. My husband’s parents are coming over for dinner this year.

 Are you sending out Christmas cards or just digital one’s?
I’m a total slacker this year. I always send out Christmas cards. However, I have had at least one sick kid for well over a month now. We’ve managed to take a family picture, but I haven’t had the cards made yet. I’m usually way on top of this and mail my cards out December 1. This year, I don’t think I’m going to get any out!!! Christmas is a week away and I’m still not done with shopping!!!! I haven’t even gotten my husband a single gift yet!! Yikes!!!!

 What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever had?
One year my husband took a magazine with Bella and Edward pictures in it, and he used the pages from the magazine to wrap books in. I think he gave me two dozen books that year. Absolute heaven 🙂

 Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
I wish! I live in sunny San Diego! It’s safe to say there is zero chance of snow!!!

 Best holiday read?
That’s just mean. I can’t possibly pick one!!!!

 Fav Christmas food/snack?
Fudge. I simply adore fudge and it’s the only time of year I make it.

jadA Christmas tree should be decorated with…. (and which color is it
 decorated with this year?)
We actually go a bit crazy for Christmas in our house. We have several trees. There is one tree in my living room which is the “adult” tree. All of my breakable ornaments are on that tree. It’s decorated with golds and reds and all glass ornaments. Then in my family room is the “kids” tree. This tree is decorated with all of my ornaments from my childhood along with all of my children’s ornaments they’ve received through the years or made. I also have decorated this tree with reds and golds but it has more of a country feel to it. Then I have a small tree in my dining room with tin ornaments and cookie cutters tied to it. Sounds odd but it’s adorable. Then I have a tree out on my porch by my front door. This tree is simply wrapped with garland and is sort of a country Christmas feel. My entire house has red and white lights on it to match everything. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m a little anal and a control freak! I have to have everything matching and coordinated.


 My personal/family Christmas tradition…
Going to Christmas Eve mass and then over to the grandparents’ house for dinner.

 Best book of 2013….
Are you kidding???? That’s like asking a child to go into a candy store where they’re only allowed to pick out ONE piece of candy. Mean!!!!! How can I pick ONE!!??!!! I’ll tell you some of my favorites: The Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy, Shatter Me series, and Throne of Glass series. Ok, I’ll stop. Otherwise I’ll keep going and going and I’ll never shut up.

 Most memorable moment of 2013….
Having my first book published in January 2013. One of the most exciting events in my lifetime. Of course 2013 was good to me. I managed to publish three books!!! Crazy!!!!! I wonder what 2014 has in store?

 Book of own work (2013)  you’re most proud of.
Well, even though The Voice was published in 2013, I wrote it way before then. Same with The Key, and The Power to See. I only managed to actually write one books this year. I am so proud of each and every one of my books for different reasons. The Voice will always be special because it’s my first. The Key holds a place near and dear to me because it’s the first book I feel truly confident with my own writing ability. The Power to See is also special because I published this one on my own. So like I said, they are each so special.

 Looking forward to this moment in 2014:
Publishing the next two books of The True Reign Series. I can’t wait to conclude this trilogy.


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