Izzy’s cold feet by Sarah Louise Smith

Izzy’s cold feet is a chicklit novel by Sarah Louise Smith , who was kind enough to send me a copy in return for an honest review. I’ve heard a lot about her first novel, Amy & Zach, and was curious about this one. 

It was a fun evening and I played my part of the excited bride, hiding the fact that I was conflicted … that I was in turmoil. That I was screaming inside, desperate for escape. I needed time to think about all this and time was running out.

Izzy’s cold feet is a story about Izzy who is engaged to Greg. Greg seems to be the guy every girl want’s to marry. But even though he is that great, Izzy feels like she is missing something. And on her hen night she bumps into two of her former boyfriends, all guys who she thought were ‘the one’ at some point. She starts wondering if she is making the right choice by marrying Greg, and a week before the wedding her feet start to get to a freezing point of cold feet. And then she meets of with one of her old boyfriends and finds out there still is a spark between them. That doesn’t make things easier… nor does her sister, who has been missing since she was little. No one knows where she is or what happened to her, leaving a hole in Izzy’s heart. Life isn’t easy, what will she decide?

The story on itself is nice, although I don’t normally love the marriage story idea. But Sarah Louise Smith has a great writing style. It took a few chapters for me to warm to the characters, but eventually I did. I also had some trouble with the time frame in the beginning because you really have to read whether or not there is a ‘…. days until the wedding’ beneath the chapter number to see with time frame you’re in. Or maybe it was just me having trouble with that 😛 . But what really counts is that it all worked out for me eventually, and it really is a great story to read. I would recommend Paige Toon fans to give Sarah’s books a try.

3.5 out of 5 stars


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