Irresistible by Liz Bankes


Irresistible is a (15+) novel by Liz Bankes. It’s something else than the ya paranormal stuff I have been reading lately. (Not that I only read the YA paranormal stuff 😆 ) It’s a real girly summer read, perfect for a day at the beach if you ask me.
It’s about a girl named Mia who is working at a fancy country club as a waitress. Her boss is a posh woman who keeps the rains pulled tight. And then there is her son Jamie, an even more posh, totally good-looking and he knows it, player who ruins others lives just for the fun of it. And then there is Dan, the funny kitchen help who soon becomes Mia s crush . But every time she is with Dan, she imagines it is Jamie. Eventually she ends up in this complicated love triangle.

“I have this thing that whenever the slightest embarrassment happens I go bright red. Not in the attractive English-rose way; in the way that someone might glance over and stay ‘Oh, how strange. A tomato with the body of a girl.'” – Mia, Irresistible by Liz Bankes

Mia is a character I found easy to like and relate to. She is a character you find in lots of books, lets call it the ‘Bella person’ so everyone knows what I mean: the good-looking girl that doesn’t know she is good-looking. The clumsy, really likable girl. But because Liz wrote the story so well, it didn’t brother me that I have read hundreds of stories like that.
It’s an easy to read and like love story, ages 15 and up. I would totally recommend it for a day at the beach, but for me it wasnt much more than that. the writing style was great and kept me reading for hours though.

3 out of five stars. 


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