GotToReadThoseBooks Summer Book Swap 2013

GotToReadThoseBooks Summer Book Swap!

July 15th – 21st

Six awesome authors swapped books and wrote down their thoughts on the story. Each day, from July 15th untill the 21st, one of he authors will tell you all about the book he or she  read. 

What are you waiting for? 


Day #1 : Shelena Shorts reading Vampires Rule by KC Blake

Day #2 : Gary Ghislain reading The Voice by Jennifer Anne Davis

Day #3 : Sharon Sant reading The Syndicate by Shelena Shorts

Day #4 : Jennifer Anne Davis reading Twilight of the true blood vampire diaries by Gary Ghislain

Day #5 : Erika M Szabo reading Sky Song by Sharon Sant

Day #6 : K.C. Blake reading Birthright Bestowed by Erika M Szabo

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