fatefulFateful is the first book in the fateful series by Cheri Schmidt. It is a young adult paranormal romance story, a genre I usually like. I found it very hard to rate this book. To me, this story is like Jeckyll and Hyde: great one minute, weird the next.

Who as this guy, some hero from the pages of Pride and Prejudice? Oh, she thought, maybe he’s an actor. Or did all Brits talk like this?

Danielle, a creative girl who a bit Mr. Darcy struck, is moving in with her family in London ( I love that city btw, can’t wait to go back ­čÖé ) to attend art school. She has had martial arts training, so she knows how to kick some serious butt. On the other hand, she seems a bit na├»ve and not very strong-willed. I think she lacked some personality in this story. One minute she is running for someone and a second later she is wrapping her arms arround him or her. One day┬áshe has to use her karate training but her opponent seems immune to her skills. She is saved by a boy named Ethan, who just picks her up and starts running very fast. So fast Danielle ends up with a body temperature below normal ranges. She soon finds out Ethan is more immortal than moral, especially during the night. They can’t look each other in the eye without Danielle getting weak-kneed. And Ethan’s breath makes her pas out. A bit awkward to have a relationship with someone you can’t look in the eye and makes you pass out every time he breathes through his mouth if you’d ask me. But Ethan and Danielle end up together anyway.

It was an exotic experience, and almost too unbelievable. She was standing in an enchanted forest, being kissed by a vampire, surrounded by hundreds of colorful fairies. This never could have happened in her wildest dreams, and she thought she was pretty creative.

Ethan turns out to be a vampire, but not a vampire like the one’s we usually know. He is a good one, he makes the tamest vampires in books look tame. His sort of vampire is cursed, so there should be a cure to ‘heal’ him. Of course they go looking for it (duh). The search for the cure is way longer than the cure itself. I know it usually is, but let me tell you Ethan was mortal in just a few sentences…

I found it very hard to give this book a rating. One moment I was like ‘isn’t it over yet?!’ and a few chapters later I was kinda liking it. I do know it needed better editing.┬áThe author is repeating herself several times and at some points┬áthere is lots of name calling, too little ‘she’ or ‘he’ for example. Oh, and once I even saw a red editing correction. I also feel the story would have been more powerful if it had been written from Danielle’s POV, in the ‘I’ perspective. But for some reason it did grab me now and then, so one star would be too little. So I ended up rating it:

1,5 out of 5 stars

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