Die for Me by Amy Plum

Die for me is the first novel in the Revenants series by Amy Plum. The cover and the question under the title (Would you risk your life for love?) were, in combination with a short summary, a great reason to buy this book. And I don’t regret it!

Die for me is following the story of Kate, a girl who moved to Paris with her sister (Georgina) after their parents death, to live with their grandparents. Luckily, there’s no language barrier since Kate has been in France very often to visit her family. But she ended up in a daily routine after her parents deaths and she is not really having a social life (like, going out with friends). Her sister has her own way of dealing with the loss, an
d hers is the opposite of Kate’s: going out every night to dance her sorrows away.

Kate loves reading books and often goes outside to find a nice place to read. One day when she is in a cafe, she sees this gorgeous guy sitting a few tables away. He seems to be mocking her a bit, but Kate is not certain what to think of it. But in the following days he (or the other people he was with that day) keeps seeing him in different places.

They start hanging out and, yes, get together. And that is when the story gets interesting. There’re zombies in this book. Yes, zombies. But they call themselves Revenants. Vincent, the hot guy I mentioned before, and his ‘family’ all came back to life after they first died. They sort of pass out every few weeks, because they don’t sleep, but after a few days they animate (read: come back to life). Their life’s course is to save people, even if it kills them (that is not really as bad as it sounds, while they come back to life eventually 😛 ).

So there Kate is, in a relationship with a guy that is hot but not alive or death. Sort of vampires, but with a twist (and without the fangs lol ). And then there’re some events taking place, some action, some romance, some culture. A very nice, easy-to-be-sucked-into story. I’d very much like to read the other books in this series, so that is a + too :).

But because I’ve read so many YA books with vamps, wolves, zombies, ghosts and so on, I give this one 4 out of five stars. I love the fact that it is not a ghost/zombie story as we all know them, that there’re no ‘real’ ghost/zombie things involved, but I’m not squealing yeey, a very original story either if you know what I mean.




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