Crash into You


Crash into you is a young adult novel by Katie McGarry I received through NetGalley. And boy, I’m glad I requested this one. I spend hours reading it, only  putting it down to do the necessities. Mark your calendars: it’s being released on November 26th. I think the best way I could describe this book is Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster  meets Fast and Furious.

The two oppositing parts of my personality, the girl who panics and the girl who loves speed, declare war and result is a head rush.

The story is about seventeen year old Rachel, a girl from a good family. Even though her life seems to be perfect she doesn’t feel that way. She feels as if she is her sisters Colleen’s replacement after she died of leukemia. Her parents seem to be happy with her pretending to be happy and doing what they expect from her. But that is not the real Rachel. The real Rachel loves driving her Mustang and fixing cars. The real Rachel suffers from anxiety attacks, but she keeps them hidden from her family because they seemed to be somewhat disappointed when she ended up in hospital years ago from those attacks. Hiding them is easier than letting them hover.

Fuck me. God does exist and he sent an angel in a white Mustang to prove it.

 One day, after a clash of incidents she finds herself participating in an illegal drag race. This is where Isaiah lays his eyes on her for the first time. He is done with the illegal stuff, but decided to race just one more because he is desperate for money, not being able to pay his rent. He immediately realizes Rachel doesn’t belong there, and tries to rescue her by accepting her race, making sure she gets out of there in one piece. In the end, Rachel ends up rescuing him from the police.

And that is when the real problems start. The, lets call it race official, feels like there was a snitch who told the police about the race. And he thinks  Rachel is related to them in some way. Rachel has to pay for the losses he had because of the snitch. Isaiah feels for Rachel and offers to take the depth on himself. They have to come up with five thousand dollars, and fast.

This story has everything. Romance, action, plot twists where I didn’t expect them. Really, when you think you know what is going to happen, well, you don’t know what is going to happen at all.  I like that you sometimes read the characters thoughts without it being annoying or too much.  I also like the switches between Rachel’s and Isaiah’s point of view. Those things really brought the characters to life.

If I could give ten stars I would give this book eleven. Be sure to read thise one! I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world.



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