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Isn’t this awesome! I have some awesome news. Great news. Here it is: the FIRST look at the cover of Shelena Shorts’ new book. I’m so excited! So let’s not wait any longer. Here it is:



Gates of the Arctic by Shelena Shorts

Availible 12/10/15

In a time when a pandemic is threatening the entire population, Risa and her family apply for coveted acceptance into a new Safe City— a place designed to keep the virus out and to preserve a select few of the population.
But getting accepted into the city may not be worth it. Especially when she is sedated for secure transport and wakes up, unable to find her family. No matter how wonderful the city claims to be, Risa can’t help but focus on the fact that she’s being kept in while the people she cares about are missing.
Meeting a few new friends and an intriguing soldier named Camsen Luck may help, but none of them can convince her that self-preservation is more important than finding her family; or that trying to escape is suicide.
In a thought provoking novel, Gates of the Arctic challenges how far people will go to protect themselves in a time of crisis and questions the meaning of true freedom.


One thought on “Cover Reveal

  1. Sara

    This cover is so haunting. Very cool! Been awhile since a brand new Shelena Shorts book. Very excited!

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