Charred Heart

charred heartCharred heart is the first story in the Heart of Fire series by Lizzy Ford. It’s a new adult fantasy series, not intended for readers under eighteen. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Every time he let himself fall for a girl or made a friend, he convinced himself that this time, it would work out. The curse would lift, and he wouldn’t be left alone again.

Chace is a thousand-year-old dragon shifter, tired of seeing everyone he loves die as the years pass him by. He has a plan. There is one man he knows of that has magic more powerful than his. And Chace want’s that man to reverse his curse, the curse of being a dragon shifter, the curse of not having died in so many years. He makes a deal with this person, accepting a normal life without magic – in exchange of everything Chace owns, even his heart.

A dragon slayer, Skylar was tracking one of the most elusive shifters they’d ever met. It meant he was old. Experienced. Not likely to go down easy, which was why she had a team of two more shifter slayers waiting in the parking lot. The three of them could handle anything.

Vampire slayer Skylar is on her way to kill a very old dragon shifter. But as soon as she finds him she knows this isn’t any ordinarily dragon. But she is a day too late. Chance has already made his deal with the powerful man. She is intruded by Chace, him being so different from what she expected. Chace is more than a one-night-stand and from that moment on Skylar is sucked into his mystical world of magic. But that also means she is in his world of problems now too…

Charred heart is a nice story. It’s been a while since I’ve read some stuff involving dragons so that was nice. Lizzy Ford has managed to bring a new mystic world to life, a world with mythical creatures and adventure. It was nice to read, kept me reading but didn’t leave me all ‘wowed’. 

That’s why I give this story 3,5 out of 5 stars.


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