Charmed by Cambria Hebert

Charmed is the second novel in the Death Escorts series by Cambria Hebert. A few months ago I already wrote a review about the first book in this series – which I totally feel in love with. Cambria provided me an ARC of Charmed to review. The book is due to be released July 22nd. And I can tell you, you don’t want to miss it… Not for anything. I think it’s best to read Recalled first, just to give you an update on the history behind this story. But if you want to read this one first, you should be ok too.

I could make it my life’s mission to stop him. Who was I kidding? There was no choice here. I wasn’t about to let him charm someone to death. It was about time his charm ran out. – Frankie 

The story continues after Recalled, but has other POV’s. In Charmed, it is Charming and Frankie’s turn to talk. Charming, the best Death Escort the Grim Reaper ever had is on an assignment. And not just any assignment. GR (that’s what friends can call the Grim Reaper 🙂 ) want’s him to fail because he’s pissed him off one to many times, and failing to kill your Target means getting Recalled and that means, well let’s say it’s worse than getting killed. Charming’s assignment is to kill the senators daughter. Frankie, Piper’s(one of the main characters in Recalled) friend, finds out about this and is determined to stop him.

But then she sees the other side of Charming. Not the charming guy, but the guy who has been trough a lot and is in need of someone to talk to. Charming thinks Frankie is annoying, always talking to much and eating way to much candy for his liking. But then he also falls for her. And things get steamy. This book is ages 18 and up for a reason! 

I’m serious. These people… they live by their own rules. I almost died. Dex did die. Going around them, it’s like lighting a match in a room full of gasoline. Stay away from them before you become death’s new Target. – Piper 

But there still are things to worry about for Charming, who’s real name we find out is Oliver, and Frankie. GR is constantly monitoring them, and now he found out what Charming’s weakness is, Frankie, she is in danger to. The story is an exhilarating read with sparks flying all over the place.
I know this all sounds like the zillionth boring I’ve-read-it-before-so-it-all-seems-to-be-the-same love story. But believe me, it isn’t. If it isn’t the story that grabs you, than it will be Cambria Hebert’s writing style. She is a master in giving detailed descriptions without them being too much or – even worse – annoying. I couldn’t stop reading, and I’m really sad I finished. Why does it always take less time to read a book than it takes the author to write it. It means I’ll have to wait for a next novel. And believe me, I’ll be waiting. Anxiously waiting.

I inhaled , taking in the chaotic energy that buzzed through the house. It was a woman, had to be. A man’s energy was more stable , less all over the place. But a woman, a woman’s energy was exactly like ter gender it inhabited : irrational and all over the place. – Charming 

A vending machine filled with the best cupcakes on the planet? If I could figure out a way to tow this thing home, I would so do it. -Frankie


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  1. Holy Moly its 5 stars!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Charmed.<3

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