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chCambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell  series,   the new adult Death Escorts series, and the new adult Take it Off  series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She  went to  college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair.             She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband  and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book.
Reviews: Recalled, Charmed, TorchTeaseTemptText, Tipsy




How are you doing?
I’m doing really great, thank you! I’m looking forward to the holiday season and to the start of a New year!

Busy with the Christmas preparations or busy writing books?
Right now I’m busy with Christmas preparations! It’s a busy time of year!

And what are story are you currently writing?
Right now I am working on TRICKS, a Take It Of Novel. It’s going slow though because of the holiday.

How many novels are there going to be in the Take it Off series?
I can’t really say. Likely 7 or 8.

Btw, why do all Take it off novels’ titles start with a T?
I’m not sure… I just liked the theme and had fun thinking up T words. Ha ha.

And why do Holt, blue and Nathan all have blue eyes?
I guess I’m a sucker for blue eyes. LOL!

Do you make some of the (if not all of them 😆 ) characters a caffeine junkie on purpose?
I think that is also because I am a caffeine junkie and I can’t imagine people
who aren’t, ha ha ha.

If all coffee in the world would be destroyed and you could save one, what kind of coffee would it be?
Espresso. Any kind. I like my latte’s.

Let’s get back on the Christmas theme. What are your plans for this Christmas?
To stay home with my family, cook a meal, eat, unwrap gifts and have a relaxing and peaceful day.

What are you having for dinner ?
I am making a ham, cinnamon apples, mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, rolls, stuffing… and I always make homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning.

Are you sending out Christmas cards or just digital one’s?
I sent out Christmas cards. I usually do ones with my kids on them. 

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
I think white Christmas’ are nice, but since I live in North Carolina I highly doubt I will get snow. But I certainly wouldn’t be sad if we got an unusual snow storm.

Best holiday read?
Twas the Night Before Christmas

unnamed (1)

A Christmas tree should be decorated with…

Whatever you think is beautiful. I have a lot of handmade ornaments from my kids.

My personal/family Christmas tradition…
To have homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast after we open all the gifts and sip coffee.

Best book of 2013….
Anything by Jennifer Armentrout

Most memorable moment of 2013…
Probably moving twice.

Book of own work (2013) you’re most proud of.
TEXT. Because it is a total passion. Because it was like stepping into a lot of the details of my own life. It was like writing out the truth. If that makes any sense. (accept the kidnapping, I was never kidnapped). And because I love the book cover… it’s my favorite.

Looking forward to this moment in 2014:
I’m looking forward to putting out more books and spending time with my family.

Would like to share this wish for 2014 with everyone: 
My wish for 2014 is to have a peaceful and calm year. To be happy and not feel overly stressed and to let go of all the worries and things that I don’t really need so I can focus on great things only.

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