Cage of Deceit

23688106Cage of Deceit is the fist novel in the True Reign spin-off series by Jennifer Anne Davis. I loved the True Reign series, and sure was curious about this new series. Instead of following Rema and Darmik, in Cage of Deceit we follow their daughter Allyssa, princess of Emperion.

She was a princess, elegant, refined, and all that the position implied. At least, that was she kept telling herself. Because, truth be told, she hated being stuck in this cage, playing this game.

Allyssa is a sixteen-year-old girl who is determined to make her world a better place just like her mother did. But Allyssa is not your everyday princess. She loves a good fight and is not afraid to get sweaty and dirty. For Allyssa, the royal court is like a cage that’s keeping her from being who she truly is. Therefor she is happy to sneak out of the castle at night, chasing criminals with her friend Grevik.

Besides that, life at the royal court continues on as it always has. It seems like every man in and outside the borders of Emperion want’s to marry Allyssa. She feels something is going on with the kingdom and her parents, and then a handsome prince arrives from a neighbouring kingdom. It turns out Allyssa will have to marry this ‘pretty prince’ in order to save her country. And as if the handsome prince isn’t getting on her nerves, his nosy squire Jarvik is. Will sacrificing her heart be enough to save Emperion?

I knew our kingdoms needed the alliance, but I never thought it would end up like this.

In this enchanting spin-off  Jennifer Anne Davis brings the world she created in the True Reign series to a whole new level. There’s plot turns and twists, action and suspense. Include a strong-willed, kick-ass heroine and a good-looking, rugged, just as ass-kicking squire and you have the touch of romance Jennifer Anne Davis always brings to a story. What else does a good book need? I also have to mention the lay-out of the book, it’s so pretty! It’s subtle, elegant but definitely there. And the text on the first page, omg, I love that too. There’s a warning that the book has a cliffhanger, and an ‘I dare you to turn the page’. I don’t recall seeing that in a book before. Cage of Deceit is scheduled to hit the shelves on August 25th.

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