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Super cute, isn’t he?

Welcome to GotToReadThoseBooks! Like the title suggests, I write about books! New ones and the older ones, they’ll appear on my blog. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Now a little about me. My name is Rebecca and I’m from the Netherlands. I was studying journalism and graduated in 2015. I love horseback riding, writing and (what a surprise) reading. I have a pet rabbit I totally adore, his name is Gerrit. And he isn’t just very cute, he is very smart too :D.


You see, Jennifer even wrote it in her book 😛

Besides reading I love editing. For example, I was a beta-reader for Jennifer Anne Davis’ True Reign series. Which is an awesome series btw, you should definitely read it :). And according to Jennifer, I am the best beta-reader ever. A compliment I won’t ever forget. I hope to work as an editor for a publisher later on. Right now I’m just doing the best I can and working hard to make that dream come true.

If you’d like me to blog about a particular book, don’t hesitate to send me a message. If you’re an author wanting me to blog about your book: feel free to message me!  You can send an email to gottoreadthosebooks (at) gmail (dot) com , but you can also contact me on the GotToReadThoseBooks Facebook page. Or Twitter or goodreads 🙂 

By the way, I’m sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes! English is not my first language.

And, all the text is written by me, except summaries I copied from for example Amazon. But if that’s the case I will mention that in that particular post. So, no copying my text without my permission!

I hope to see you here again soon!




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    Het ziet er goed uit. Leuke site. Ben trots op je!

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