Q&A with Shelena Shorts

The wait is almost over…

November 26th is just a few days away!

The Hour of Dreams is just a few days away. The wait is almost over, but it also means the end to Wes & Sophie’s story is near – The Hour of Dreams is the final book in The Pace Series by Shelena Shorts. A good reason to ask Shelena a few questions.

Was it hard to end Wes & Sophie’s story? Personally, they have become very real to me. I’ll certainly miss them!
It was hard getting to the end, because I was afraid of what would happen to them, but as I let it go, I realized their story was going to end right for them. Which actually made them feel even more real to me.
With The Hour of Dreams, Wes & Sophie’s story had come to an end. Will we ever hear from them again? Maybe a short story or something? Β ( Please? What will I do without Wes!?)
I’m not one to ever say “never,” but I don’t think we’ll be seeing more of Wes. Their journey was long fought and right now I think he is ready for peace. We’ll just have to see if someone starts talking to me again:). If not, I’m okay with that, for now.
Apart from The Pace series, you’ve also written The Syndicate. Will there be more books about Vasi? ( if Wes’s out of the picture I have to find another good-looking guy… πŸ˜‰ )
Β Me too! Must. have. more. Vasi. and Wes! LOL πŸ™‚ The good news is I have a few more up my sleeve! There will definitely be more stories coming! Possibly more Vasi, but right now I’m working on another story I’m looking forward to sharing with you one day!
You haven’t been very well-known as a writer when you started The Pace series. Any changes in that? (I’m still kinda your PR person in Holland LOL, don’t worry about that. I’ll get them reading, even if it is the last thing I’d do πŸ™‚Β )Β 
Well any PR people I have are like you, so I’m so happy for that! I’m not great at that stuff, but I figure if I just keep writing good stories, then eventually the books will speak for themselves, which is really what it’s all about anyway.

What was the greatest thing anyone has ever said or done to express their love for your stories?
Oh wow, there have been a lot of pretty amazing moments to me. The first time I was compared to some NY bestselling authors. That was crazy to see my name next to those. When I first heard from a reader in Germany. When you first sent me a picture of The Pace in the Netherlands. A few people have done school projects on me or The Pace. That’s all ridiculously honoring, and motivate me every day to keep going.
The most important question: when will we be able to read your next book?Β 
I’m shooting for end of 2013 or 2014. I’m looking forward to giving The Pace series the time it deserves before I start focusing too much on other characters, but I am working on stuff :)!

Thanks again Shelena! I can’t wait for new books – and new hotties like Wes & Vasi πŸ˜€ – and I’ll keep telling people to read your books. People, if you haven’t read them: DO IT! They’re awesome stories that take the fantasy genre to a whole new level!

I finally found a bookstore to order The Hour of Dreams for me – and deliver it within a few days (I’ve waited long enough already πŸ™‚ ). I hope to have it December 5th or 6th and a few days after that I’ll post about it here.Β 

See you on GotToReadThoseBooks!

~Rebecca ~

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