4 years GTRTB


Gerrit is celebrating too

Four years ago today, the first GotToReadThoseBooks post went online. I still remember that day. The excitement about having my own place to share my love for books, not needing to post my reviews on other websites anymore. A book review place to call my own. My first post was dedicated to The Pace by Shelena Shorts, the first book in the The Pace series. Today, that is still my all-time favorite series. I lost count how many times I’ve read those books. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years.

GotToReadThoseBooks has grown throughout those years. I got my own website, a new lay-out and GTRTB has even grown beyond all that. It’s what it has given me. This blog has given me the opportunity to do beta reading, discover awesome authors and get in touch with other booklovers and bloggers all over the world. Four years ago, I couldn’t have dreamt that GotToReadThoseBooks would get mentioned in a book – in print. I still can’t really believe that one.



gtrtbI want to take this milestone to thank everyone who’s helped me and the blog to get where it is today. First of all, thank you to everyone who has read my reviews. Thanks to the amazing authors who’ve given me the opportunity to read and review their books even though GTRTB is not a blog with thousands of followers. Without this blog I’d never discovered Jennifer Anne Davis and her awesome books. I just can’t imagine that because today she is a dear friend. I’d also like to thank my friends and family for their support. I’d also like to mention Shelena Shorts. Thank you for writing awesome books and all the help and support you’ve given me and GTRTB.

The last few months. I haven’t written as many posts as usual. I’m sorry for that but I just haven’t had the time. Know that I will be back. There’s so many books out there, just waiting to be read. Until then; I hope to see you again here on GotToReadThoseBooks.

XOXO Rebecca

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