The Pace series #1

I would like to dedicate my first post to my favourite series: The Pace series by Shelena Shorts. So far there are three books: The Pace, The Broken Lake and The Iron Quill. In August book four will be released: The Hour of Dreams. unfortunately that will be the last book in the series…

I first saw The Pace on a website. I really fell in love with the cover, it’s so cool! A running hourglass on a black background… The first time I looked at it, I thought it was plain and boring.  But when I looked at it the second time I realised that the plain and boring look was what gave the cover it’s charm.  Actually, I think all the books in this series have that plain but interesting look:


I got the first book, The Pace, in June 2010. Before that time, I was in love with the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer (who doesn’t know Twilight?!). But when I started reading The Pace, I knew I had found something better than Edward and Bella: I found Wes and Sophie. The amazing writer Shelena Shorts (whose name I can not write down in this blog often enough because she really deserves it!) has made Wes and Sophie so real, I feel like I know them in real-life. They are so alive! And special! And Amazing! And again, all the credit for bringing them to our world goes to Shelena Shorts! Are you starting to remember here name? NO?! Shelena Shortsand she also is very very nice! I used her books for a school project, and Shelena answered all my questions and even sent me stuff I could use for the project! (If you read this Shelena: thanks again!) And I’m trying to write a book and she gave me some advice I could really use. You know what also is really beyond imagining cool? She gave an interview for an other blog, and answered the question ‘who is your greatest fan?’  with Rebecca from the Netherlands. And guess what?!?! That is me!

And know you know her name, it’s time to talk about the books. What a surprise: I’m going to start with the first book and that is The Pace. In this book Sophie, an eighteen-year-old girl, meets nineteen-year-old Weston (his friends may call him Wes, and I’m a friend so I may! lol). She doesn’t meet him at school or on a party. No, Sophie meets Wes by backing right into his car. She runs into his car because she is reading a text from het friend Kerry wich says ‘Our Chem teacher so hot’.  And Wes doesn’t drive a Toyota or a Mercedes: he drives a shiny black Maserati. And he (Wes I mean, but i I think we can say that about the car as well) is hot. And with that: the story of Sophie en Wes begins.

Soon after they met they start to spent more and more time with each other. And then Sophie realises Wes is different. Really different. He can’t regulate his own temperature (he dresses like it is freezing when it is a few degrees under ‘really warm’). Sometimes Sophie can see her own reflection when she looks into his eyes. And some time and a couple of weird incidents later, Sophie finds out what Wes is. Although I think I can better call it ‘what happened to Wes’ than ‘What he is’. And this is where this book gets so amazing. Wes is not an angel, a vampire, a werewolf or a zombie. No… It is much cooler and much more original! Wes had a lifesaving cold blood transfusion in 1916 preformed Doctor Thomas. The blood contained alligator plasma. It saved Wes life, but caused him to age slowly. Really slowly. Like one year for our thirty slowly. It also made it almost impossible to break his skin and gave him very good sight and hearing. Wes is the only one who ever survived such a transfusion, and is trying to find out what it is that is in his blood, that cures people.

When Sophie hears Wes’ story (mostly from Wes himself but also from old journals) she freaks out. But soon after that all is well again and they become a couple. But more shocking is that Wes tells Sophie more about him. And her. Her? Yes. Sophie is sort of a reincarnated soul. She had lived before and has known Wes in that lives as well. I know that when you’re reading this it probably will sound really weird, but the story is so good it makes you believe it is normal and true!

And then, some weird guy shows up. He was  Lenny’s boyfriend, and Lenny is Sophie in a former life. He sees Sophie and Wes together and totally freaks. He thinks they have some kind of formula that makes you really strong and lengthens life. He kidnaps Sophie, thinking she is Lenny and then the story is so exciting and so unpredictable…  And what happens after that? I won’t tell you because I’m trying to get you to read the book, and telling you the end won’t help me do that! So: just read it! It is just 302 pages that tell the amazing, exciting, unpredictable and amazing story you really must read.

So, why do you really have to read this book (but I recommend to read the whole series!) : it’s so original, amazing, well written and unpredictable you really do not want to miss it!

 I was planning to do all three books in this one post, but I think it is better to dedicate a post to each book of the series. So, stay tuned for book two The broken Lake! To prepare yourself: The broken Lake trailer!

(and, really really really thank you for reading my blog!)

Thumbs up! 

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